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Caveman theory.

Entrance chapter of Michio Kaku’s book “Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100″ Has a very interesting observation in the entrance chapter, He talks about why the first video calling system and the paperless office assumptions in the last decade or so failed miserably and in the mean time the usage of paper in the office is increased.

Its called “Caveman Theory”

It has it’s roots in about a hundred thousand years ago, our ancestors from then were identical to us, by that I mean completely identical, he also adds a shaved specimen of that time would be undistinguishable from the other billions of us today, and the instincts we had back then are still the same.

We were hunters by nature and holding a catch and presenting them to the tribe is preferred against telling the story about a great hunt, so we like to handle things physically rather than fictional representations, like books, shopping or other things we prefer to do ourselves in real life.

We were hunters so we like watching from a safe distance while the subject or subjects we watch are fighting or doing many other things as long as we are a safe distance away from the main event so we like Tv shows, Reality thingies and like the dramas we are watching on Tv and other worthless mediums.

We were hunters so we don’t like being watched by strangers, average man reacts negatively to a gaze totalling 4 seconds by a stranger and He is more likely to show a violent reaction after 10 seconds to an uninvited strangers gaze.

We were the clan so we like gossip, social media and other things related to our clan mates, social curiosity was improving our chance of survival and that’s facebook for you.

We like talking face to face because the clues we got from body language odour and pheromones are also a part of the communication thing so video calling is always weird to us.

All and all our clan is a little bit larger than our ancestors first developed those traits so we are slowly overcoming them, and by that I mean veery slowly :) .

Thanks for reading and Thanks Dr. Kaku for the great book buy it and read it, link below.

PS: It would have been much better for me if Dr. Kaku hadn’t had to dumb things down that much, read more people! Everybody is getting dumber every passing second and poor man has to tune it down just to sell books :) .

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